The Goal: Conceptualize a campaign that entices newly engaged couples to register with Crate & Barrel to furnish their home.

The Problem: Many engaged couples create a new household with varying styles and preferences when furnishing their home.

The Solution: Meet in the middle. Crate & Barrel carries a wide variety of styles, all equal in quality. Our campaign encourages these couples to compromise and find a middle ground. An online registry allows them to "try out" selected C&B items that can be dragged into a room of their own creation. 

My Role: Devised concept of an online feature to pick and choose items to preview in a room before adding them to a registry. I enjoyed researching stats and bouncing ideas back and forth with our creative team. My account managerial tendencies kept meetings and all members of the team organized and communicative. 

The age old question of is a zebra black with white stripes? Or white with black stripes? Is still a phenomenon. But the real question is, does
it not look natural? Opposites attract. What about meeting in the middle? We figured that out for you.
                                                                           Online feature.

                                                                           Online feature.

Strategist: Spencer Crain
Writer: Chandler Carrol
Designers: Lina Rode & Danielle Stipe